This help article covers the most common things you need to think about when getting started with your accounting. Do you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the chat. We speak Norwegian and English!

Register user account and company

To be able to use our accounting system, you must first create your user account and register your company. Check out our introduction video: Introduction to Luca Accounting (English)

Want to test the solution before getting started for real? Create a test company! Explore without worrying about it having any impact on your company's real accounts. Remember that customer invoices and offers you send out are actually sent. A tip is to enter your own e-mail address so that these are only sent to yourself.

Bank accounts

One of the first things you should do is register any bank accounts the company is going to use. Bank accounts must be in place before registering the opening balance, sending customer invoices, etc. If you do not have a business account yet, we recommend that you register one as soon as possible. You can register a business bank account with most banks in Norway.

Once you have you business bank in place, read more about how to register a bank account in Luca Regnskap here: Bank accounts

It's a good idea to get started with the bank reconciliation soon after you've registered your company and you've started racking up some income or bills. A rule of thumb is to do this once a month. Adjust how frequently you do it based on how many transactions you have. If you have very few transactions, you can do it less often.

Read more about how the bank reconciliation works: Bank reconciliation

Regardless of whether you have an AS or ENK, we recommend creating a business account for your company. You will save time and money by keeping all the income and expenses associated with a business bank account rather than a personal bank account.

Opening balance

It's required you register an opening balance if you have a new AS ("Aksjeselskap") or want to switch from another accounting software. The opening balance shows the company's equity, assets and liabilities at the accounting start date in our accounting system.

- Read more about the opening balance for newly established AS here: Opening balance for limited companies (AS)
- Read more about the opening balance for companies that switch from old accounting software to our accounting system here: Transition from another accounting program
- Newly established sole proprietorships (Enkeltpersonforetak "ENK") usually do not need to enter an opening balance.
- If you are unsure about what applies to you, contact us in the chat.

VAT ("Mva") settings
Only for companies that are registered in the VAT register.

By default, we have activated the most common VAT codes for you when you register your company. Edit the VAT settings if you can't find the VAT code you need when registering a sale/purchase

Click on your company name in the upper left corner and select "Company settings"
Scroll down and click on the "VAT" tab
Here you can view and edit the VAT settings for purchases and sales. You can also change how often you have to deliver VAT.

Learn more about the VAT codes we use her. It's not possible to deactivate all VAT codes - only those listed in the VAT settings.

Customer invoice number

You can choose which invoice number you want to start with, the first time you send a customer invoice.

Create a new customer invoice
Just before you send it, you will be asked to select the invoice number. Only numbers are allowed.
When the invoice is sent, this invoice will receive this invoice number.

Once the invoice number is selected, it cannot be changed. Therefore, make sure the invoice number you choose is correct!
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