This is an introduction to Luca Accounting for users that prefer an overview in English

What Luca Accounting can help you with
How to create an account and test Luca Accounting
Change user language to English
Trial period and subscription
Contact support

What Luca Accounting can help you with

Luca Accounting is a cloud-based accounting solution, tailored to the needs of small businesses. You can invoice customers, do your accounting, pay bills, and pay salaries to employees. We also give you the tools you need for reporting to the relevant authorities on Value Added Tax ("Mva"), salary tax, and employer's contribution ("AGA").

How to create an account

Go to
Enter your full name in the field "Fullt navn"
Enter your e-mail address in the field "E-post"
Create a new password in the field "Passord"
Click "Registrer gratis!"

Read the terms of service here - Norwegian only.

We will now send you an e-mail, which you will need to verify in order to finish creating your account. After verifying your e-mail, you will be asked to either create a test company (Prøv - Opprett et testfirma) or register your actual company (Registrer - Registrer selskapet ditt).

Try with a test company or register your real company

Change user language to English

After you've created an user account and have a company registered, access the user settings ("Brukerinnstillinger") in order to change language from Norwegian to English. Read more here: Luca Regnskap på engelsk / Luca Accounting in English

Trial period and subscription

All companies get a free trial period of 30 days!

Once the trial period has ended, activate your account in order to continue using Luca Accounting. This can be done from "My subscription" page, which is also where you can add the optional modules for salary or projects.

We invoice for three months at a time and all prices are exclusive VAT.

Clicking "Activate account" will end the trial period and start the subscription


You can find which features (functionality) we have either on our website here or directly in Luca Accounting under "Features" in the main menu.

Our roadmap shows which features we've delivered and what we are up to - please comment and vote on what you think we should build next!

Contact support

Our support team will happily help you with any feature or technincal questions in our chat - in both English and Norwegian! You can find the chat on all our pages in the bottom right corner.

Do you need help from an accountant, we also offer to chat with an accountant directly in our chat. This service is provided by our good friends at Sum Regnskap AS (Authorized accountants). Ask in the chat for further details and pricing
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